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Sach ya Juth

Posted by tendstoinfinity on June 13, 2012

So once again I am here after a very long break for almost one and half year. Actually I was busy and more lethargic at times. Almost everyday I think I should share some interesting facts(there are so many!!!).I do not know the trustfulness of the sentence in the bracket. There is a very interesting riddle about persons telling  truth and false. Here it is……

Imagine that you are visiting an island on which there are only two kinds of people (other than yourself): satyavadi, who always tell the truth, and jutha, who always lie. There are two villages – one where all the satyavadis live, and another where all the juthas live. Although they live in separate villages, liars and truthers frequently roam about the island together and generally get along just fine. Talking to islanders is a bit difficult because they all observe the peculiar custom of not answering more than one question in a conversation and generally don’t elaborate on any statements they make. Another interesting feature of these islanders is that although outsiders can’t distinguish between satyavadis  and juthas by how they look.

1. Going to the Village

You are on the island and see a village on the road ahead of you, and you are not sure whether it is the satyavadi village or the jutha village. An islander, who may be a satyavadi or jutha, is standing on the side of the road. What one question do you ask her to find out if the village is the satyavadi village or the jutha village

2. Looking for the Ferry

You’ve decided to leave the island and are trying to find the ferry that will take you back to the mainland. There is a fork in the road that splits off in two directions. Two islanders, Anand and Bhaskar, are standing at the fork. Anand and Bhaskar are from different villages; you don’t know who is from the truther village and who is from the liar village, and Anand and Bhaskar won’t answer questions about their villages. What question do you ask one of them to find out how to get to the ferry?

3. On the Ferry

It’s a slow day, and you are the only passenger on the Ferry: it is just you and the captain. As it pulls out into the harbour you realize that you might have boarded the wrong ferry – is this really the boat that is going to the mainland? You can ask the captain, an islander himself, one question to find out.


2 Responses to “Sach ya Juth”

  1. anmishra said

    There lived two brothers-one hundred percent lier and other hundred percent true speaker.
    Their house is at the center of a Y-shaped highway whose three arms lead to Villga A, Village B and Town.

    A person, coming from town and willing to go to any one of the two villages, knows this fact but does not identify the brothers. He comes to the house and knocks the door. One of the two brothers appear before him. What single question the person would ask to confirm his destination?

  2. Dr. Mishra I hope this is a variation of myo second question. Anyway if X and Y are brothers one possible question to one brother can be “Which way would Your brother tell me to take to get to village A?” Whatever he answers, take the other path.(why?) perhaps I have done the job

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