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Translating into algebra

Posted by tendstoinfinity on March 8, 2013

This is the worksheet I have made for the class VIII students for teaching algebraic equation

Translate in algebra  Write an algebraic expression for each phrase.

the difference between ninety and a number                                      ________________________________
the difference between twenty-four and a number                          ________________________________
fifty-two more than a number                                                                   ________________________________
the difference between a number and sixty-eight                            ________________________________
the product of a number and ninety-six                                              ________________________________
the sum of a number and ten                                                                    ________________________________
a number increased by nineteen                                                            ________________________________
forty-three  more than a number                                                                 ________________________________
seven less than a number                                                                          ________________________________
fourteen times a number                                                                           ________________________________
a number increased by seven                                                                 ________________________________
a number decreased by seventy-one                                                  ________________________________
the product of twenty-four and a number                                        ________________________________
thirty-six times a number                                                                       ________________________________
the quotient of ninety-five and a number                                       _________________________________

Ram is 12 years older than his sister, his sister is a years old. Ram’s age     _______________________


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